The GSSI LifeLocator III+™ Base Station Sensor and Handheld PDA detects breathing and movement under metres of debri.

The GSSI LifeLocator III+™ Handheld PDA uses icons to indicate the presence of life. 

When time and life hangs in the balance, every second counts.

The hours following a natural disaster are critical in terms of getting first responders deployed and operational onsite as quickly as possible. The first hours are particularly critical for the Search & Rescue teams tasked with locating victims trapped under collapsed debris.


The LifeLocator III+ is a portable rugged device that detects the presence of life under collapsed structures as a result of natural disasters. Using the principles of ultra wideband (UWB) ground penetrating radar, the GSSI LifeLocator III+™ can detect movement in up to ten meters of debris and breathing in up to eight meters.


• SEARCH OPTIMIZATION the GSSI LifeLocator III+ quickly distinguishes the presence of live victims during the rescue effort.


EASE OF USE The user selectable graphical interface uses icons to indicate detected motion and breathing. First responders can become proficient in operating the GSSI LifeLocator III+™ in a few hours.


PORTABLE The LifeLocator is lightweight and portable and is readily deployable by a single individual.


PROVEN RESULTS The LifeLocator is a field-tested solution that has saved lives in the aftermath of the Sichuan Province and Haiti earthquakes.


The GSSI LifeLocator III+™  uses UWB technology to greatly improve the odds of rescue following structural collapses due to weather, fire or catastrophic attack, avalanches, flash floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters.


TheGSSI LifeLocator III+™ is ideally suited for life rescue, locating victims by sensing even the minor movements of shallow breathing. The sensor detects signals that are relayed in real-time to a PDA. The information allows rescue personnel to accurately and rapidly determine the distance to the victim. 


A key advantage of the technology is that it is not misled by scent drift or from the scent of the deceased. It does not require line of sight or the complete silence that challenges video and audio monitoring search and rescue tools. Ease of mobility and placement over treacherous ground further enhances the system’s in-field effectiveness.


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