Complete Sniff&Know™ Kit with AeroChamber™ sniffer, accessories and assorted fully disposable CUSPER™ test kits.

Complete Touch&Know™ Kit with assorted fully disposable CUSPER™ test kits and results indicator cards.

Where shifting threats meet solutions.

The powerful 65 Watt cyclonic AeroChamber™

Vacuum sniffer with detachable and replacable nozzles that accommodates all Cusper detection kits.

Sniff&Know™ and Touch&Know™ Explosives Detection Kits 
Test for traces of commonly used explosives such as TNT, RDX, PETN, C4, Semtex and TATP.
IDENTA is able to:
• Provide immediate, reliable results
• Identify Explosives
• Detect people who have handled explosives
• Detect surfaces contaminated by explosives
Currently in use by Federal Authorities at major Border Control points in Europe, these kits give the tester accurate explosives detection technology in a safe, simple and easy-to-use package.
Crucially, IDENTA Touch&Know Explosives Detection Kits are extremely safe to use, as there is no direct contact with the chemical components used in testing – our containers are completely self contained.
Every Test Kit has built-in neutralisers to ensure that the kit can be safely disposed. IDENTA Alert kits have a shelf-life of 3 years. Major advantages of our IDENTA Kits are :
• SAFETY - Smart tip probe™ No-spill Seal™, Single sealed disposable unit
• ACCURACY - 99.9% accuracy, results within seconds
• COST EFFECTIVENESS - considerable savings in time and logistics
• SENSITIVITY - results from slightest trace elements
• durable packaging (3 year shelf-life)
• clear, unambiguous results.


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Replacement Touch&Know™ and Sniff&Know™ fully disposable CUSPER™ test kits and results indicator cards.