• Technical Shooting Ranges

• Tactical Video Scenarios

• Multiple Users

• Track & Record Database

• Fully Portable

Vukani Firearm Training Simulator


Continuous training and practice is critical to maintaining and managing firearm proficiency. The armed community needs a friendly, cost-effective training tool in order to maintain the highest levels of firearm handling proficiency. An armed individual needs to work regularly and consistently on his or her reflexes, accuracy, speed and safety together with the demand for selective "shoot-don't-shoot" decision making in an variety of situations. The South African National Defence Force, South African Police Services, VIP Protection Units, Commercial Money Transportation Companies and Armed Response Security Companies all encounter the same difficulties regarding training and practice;


• Access to Live Shooting Ranges

• High cost of conventional training and ammunition

• Logistics and Personnel safety

• Adverse environmental impact


As a consequence there is a need for a solution that provides an effective ongoing training tool that is versatile, compact and simple to operate. That solution is the Vukani Firearm Training Simulator. A portable system that can be set up in a matter of minutes. Trainees use their service firearms to practice and hone their handling and accuracy skills. No live ammunition means a completely safe traing environment with no risk of accidental misfiring. The system hosts multiple trainees simultaneoulsy and automatically tracks and records trainee activity on the system.


To arrange a live demonstration of the system or for more information regarding the Vukani Firearm training Simulator please contact;


Russell Hutton

Marketing & Product Training